Lets train our stomach for not to overeat?


Overeating is one thing that majority of the population is struggling with, Be it healthy food or junk a moderation needs to be maintained with every kind of food.

What happens when you over eat?

Do you know anything that comes extra may be in the form of fat,proteins,carbohydrates,your body turn it into fat be it from healthy food or junk food.So I have seen people who say” I eat only home food” definitely its healthy but does that mean you can eat as much as you want because its healthy,absolutely BIG NO

So instead of falling a trap of Dieting ,lets train our stomach not to overeat!

Our stomach is size of two small palms,it can actually take the same amount of food at one time,so by eating more than required ,we actually stretching our stomach cells to absorb more, so what you need to do first thing

Eat small portions- How would you feel if your boss gave you to complete the two days of work in one day!Just give it a thought?

I am sure we all experience that increase  in workload at office degrade the quality of  work, same way your stomach feels the same when you end up by eating a lot of good or big size portion food at one time.

It’s difficult to eat less at one time, so what need to be done?Here is the answer

Eat Before Hunger strikes you Badly-While it is important to cut down on your portion its important to eat before hunger strikes you badly, by doing so you will be able to eat in moderation. Don’t wait for your lunch, dinner, keep small meals in between to avoid hunger pangs in later stages of the day.

What can be included apart from breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Now that you know it’s important to feed yourself frequently, it’s important to feed yourself right, so apart from your breakfast, lunch and dinner include one meal between your breakfast and lunch it could be lemon water/coconut water/one fruit/buttermilk/green tea.

Secondly never miss on your evening snack,it will help you to eat less for dinner as seen in majority of us end up by eating more in dinner and which is actually a cause of weight gain in many people,so make evening snack healthy in the form of roasted chana/roasted makhana/2 Marie  lite biscuits/ rusk/diet chidhwa .

Before Heading towards the meal

1.start your meal with  deep breaths

2.Have glass of lukewarm water 5 minutes before heading towards the meal

While eating  food

1.chew your food properly.It will really help you to eat overall less and yes, how chewing helps in eating less, here you can read about it-Little More about chewing the Food

2.Use your entire mouth to chew the food, I have seen some people use 1 side of their jaw to chew the food, so make sure to chew the food properly and from the both the sides until or unless you are restricted from doing so.


Conclusion-Develop habit and train your stomach, it won’t come in one day, take your time, pick one thing at one time and start to implement it, and always remember your stomach is just as small as your  size of  palm


Which oil is better?




When it comes to oil, we always relate it to high cholesterol, weight gain and

classify the oils into good oils and bad oils, and nowadays I am pretty sure

the majority of people considers olive oil, rice bran oil for cooking because they have

amazing benefits on health but does that mean the oil or ghee which we have

been using it since ages is bad for our health!Just give it a thought?

So, let’s come to the oil, the type of oil we should use depends on how we use,

for what purpose we are using it and yes how much we are using. Some oils are

heat stable and some are not. Sometimes, cooking of the oil destroys the richness

of the oil.

Let’s take a look on some of these oils,

1. Ghee

Ghee is best suited for high temperature cooking. For example, frying,

deep frying, shallow frying as ghee has a high smoking point. Ghee is rich in

Vitamin A and E, not only this helps us to boost up the immunity, but athletes can

have Ghee too for quick energy! Ghee when compared to butter, it proves to be a

better option.

2. Rice bran oil-

Yes! Nowadays celebrity oil, it’s made from the outer layer of the rice, which we

called as “BRAN” and that’s why it is called “RICE BRAN” oil. This oil has something

special that other oils don’t have i.e.oryzanoll , which is a good cholesterol, but

make sure to maintain your cholesterol levels. Don’t solely just rely on and oil,

changing lifestyle is the best key, again this oil has a high smoking point and

therefore can be used in cooking with high temperatures.

3. Sunflower oil-

As the name said, the oil extracted from sunflower seeds. It has a good amount of

Vitamin E and commonly used. Although, this oil has a significant amount of

vitamin E but at the same time, studies say we should avoid it because it raises

our blood glucose levels and lipid profile too. It can be used again for deep frying

and for other cooking purpose


It is pressed from flax seeds which is rich in omega 3 and alpha linoleic acid. Its

richness is equal to fish oil, which people nowadays used as a supplement, but it’s

been shown in many studies that the human body doesn’t convert ALA to the

active form. Hence, the absorption rate will be less and yes, it has a low smoking

point and has a lot of polyunsaturated fats. Hence, not advisable for frying and

high temperature cooking.

5.Canola Oil

Canola  oil is derived from rapeseed, which is ideally not fit for human

consumption as it has high amount of uric acid, which been said get removed

during processing. It has a good balance of fatty acids, but then it has lots of

contradictions  regarding the processing of its oil and use of toxic solvents that

made it completely unfit for human consumption.

6.Olive Oil

Olive oil has gained a lot of importance in the food industry because of its super

amazing nutrients. Olive oil is made from the fruits of the olive tree which we

called olives and its processing is extremely simple and requires the least amount

of chemicals. Hence, best for human consumption.

A few points to keep in mind for olive oil:

1. There are many versions of olive oil right from extra virgin to refined olive oil,

go for extra virgin oil which stands for its purity and get extracted in its

natural way, hence more nutrients are retained.

2. The light, refined, lighter olive oil in the market is subject to a lot of chemical

processes and a lot of nutrient loss happens in that stage.

3. Olive oil has slow smoking point and hence, not at all suitable for cooking.

You can use it in salad dressings or just have it raw for its health benefits.

Conclusion-AS you see there  every oil has its potential health benefits ,No oil is bad as such it also depends how we using that oil too .Remember, when we overdo with our oils it leads to high fat, cholesterol etc etc,so instead let’s watch our habits and so the lifestyle because just switching to oil won’t change your cholesterol levels we need to improve our lifestyle too and use oil in moderation so that we can have it for our whole life.Switching to oil periodically is the best way to reap benefits of each oil.



When we heard the name of palak paneer, it sounds so tasty and at the same time, we think its one of the best source of iron and when combining with paneer you get the calcium as well!Thats the incomplete story! We all grew up with the idea that spinach was the best way to solve an iron deficiency problem, and eating a dish of palak paneer would help increase the level of iron in the blood as spinach is the best source of iron and paneer with a lot of antioxidants and paneer gives us calcium. In India, people love to have their spinach with naan, roti or plain rice. It is so yummy, that even children love its taste. The same cannot be said for its nutrition and these are the reasons why:

• 100gms of spinach contain only 2.7mg of iron,we never eat 100gms of iron per day,so just do little maths calculation you will get to know how much iron we get from eating spinach consider one serving 25-30gms!
• The type of iron you get from spinach is non-heme iron which is quite different from what the body needs as nutrition. Non-heme iron is plant based which is why it is not very much compatible with the human body.
• Spinach is also known  for its high calcium content. Spinach also has something called oxalate in spinach which usually binds with calcium to cause a decrease in its absorption. The body can only
absorb 5% of the calcium in the body.
• Paneer has a lot of calcium which reacts with iron, causing an interference with iron
absorption in the blood.
• By combining the two neither we get proper calcium nor iron ,so palak paneer is not  very good combination to for from nutrition point of view

Conclusionpalak paneer for sure not rich in what we eat for right or what is it said for?so if we are eating it for calcium and iron then its absolutely wrong choice , Eating other recipes in addition to palak paneer helps. Dishes like mutter paneer, lauki paneer, paneer bhurji as well as others can be eaten as well. If you have anemia, and have been told to eat spinach subzi, squeezing some drops of lime juice high in vitamin C increases iron absorption.
Other than that, spinach alone rich in vitamins like A,E,K ,and folic acid when it is fresh, steamed or quickly boiled. It is a good source of vitamins


It’s amazing how many ailments like headaches and fatigue can be attributed to dehydration.And considering how simple it is to drink more water, hopefully this article will give you a little kick in the butt to ensure you’re getting enough.

How much water I need?
There are different recommendations for water intake. A rule of thumb is one should drink about 3 litres (12 glasses) of water per day. However, different people need different amounts of water to stay hydrated. For some people, fewer than 8 glasses may be enough. Those who indulge in lot of physical activities and exercise have higher water requirements. The best way to check if you are well hydrated is to check your color of  urine. If your urine color  is consistently colorless or light yellow, you are most likely to be optimally hydrated. Many a times, increasing your water intake may also increase your rounds to the washroom.

Here we go with the solution
My answer to this problem is that, one should divide the water intake throughout the day instead of drinking 1 bottle at one shot. It’s always worked if you drink 1 glass of water every hour. This reduces the frequency to visit the washroom often and makes sure you are well hydrated throughout the day.

How to reach your water target?

  • When you are out, consider carrying a reusable water bottle so that it could be re-filled with water once it’s empty. This can also make it easy for you to track how much water you actually drank through the day.
  • If plain water doesn’t fascinate you, try squeezing a lemon to your drink
  • Ensure that you drink water before, during and after your workout.
  • Begin and end your day with a glass of water
  • When you feel hungry, drink water. This will help you find if it’s just the thirst or you are actually hungry. True hunger will not be satisfied by drinking water.
    Prepare a schedule if you have trouble remembering to drink water. For instance, drink water when you wake up; at breakfast, lunch and dinner; and when you go to bed or as I mentioned before, drink a small glass of water at the top of each hour.
  • Drink water when you go to a restaurant. It will not only keep you hydrated but also keep you full so that you eat in controlled portions.
  • Take-away message: Stay well- hydrated, keep glowing and keep fit!

“No one can eat just one!”

sugarno one can eat just one
The above tag line is a very popular one when we talk about food, but this is not only true for the chips or Lays. It is also applicable when we talk about the sweets including chocolates, candies, sweets etc. We all just have feeling of getting more n more i.e. “Ye Dil Maange More”.
Why does this happen? Let’s have a discussion on this !
Sugar consists of two molecules viz. glucose and fructose. Glucose is essentially needed by the body for performing all the body functions and gets secreted by the body itself. Now, if we consider fructose, its concept is slightly different. Fructose is not involved in any body metabolism and as glucose is produced by the human body by its own, fructose has nothing like that!
Fructose is the one that is mainly responsible for our over eating with sugar. It affects one of our body hormone named as “Leptin” which suppress our hunger levels and it is secreted by fat cells. When we take the food, a part of it is utilized by the body for performing its body functions while the rest of the part gets accumulated in the form of fat. When the large amount of fat is collected in body, more amount of leptin starts secreting and informs the brain that enough amount of energy is there and we do not have extra food. This is how we stop taking the food and feel satisfied!
Did you ever thought what will happen if our brain doesn’t sense/see the leptin hormone?
“Hahahah, Yes! Just keep on eating, non stop!”
The brain will never get informed about the energy levels of our body and makes us to have more food. We, in that case will eat more, more and more!

If you try exerting any kind of “willpower” on the leptin driven starvation signal it is almost impossible because it is so powerful. Because of this sole reason people are unable to follow the “eat less, move more” agenda in their lives for a happy living.
In order to have lesser amount of food, our brain needs to realise how much fat we have in our body and that can be done by removing the leptin resistance. Anything that has high fructose like sugar or carbs causes the leptine resistance to grow which deletes all our control over unnecessary hunger and it is affected by the fructose which is another constituent of sugar apart from Glucose.
To conclude, I would say sugar itself is the reason for craving more!

The Most pleasing 9 letter word-GRATITUDE

Gratitude picture

In today’s hectic world,We are rarely concerned about others than the thought about what the day’s activities will be. Or work, family, traffic, and other related issues top our priorities as we move from home to work. We are living in a world where being in haste is considered ideal. We are in hurry to acquire more assets. We are in a hurry to get more satisfaction from the world. We are always in haste to get everything done.

Sadly, this has robbed us of the joy of appreciating the little we have. In our quest for more assets, we forget to express our gratitude for what we already have. That’s quite unfortunate.

Then and now
While growing up, I learnt to be grateful for life and other blessings I receive from God. While in school, I hummed this melodious poem on a number of occasions as a proof of my appreciation for life and what it offers:

Thank you for the world so sweet,

Thank you for the food we eat,

Thank you for the birds that sing,

Thank you GOD for everything.”

Now I remember Do I still sing this song as I used to? No. !Absolutely !no!
Do you also do the same?
Why do we now find it challenge to develop the spirit of gratitude for events around me or what I am going through?
Well, I am guilty as charged. What about you? How many times have you shown appreciation recently? Or do you feel there is nothing positive in life to be grateful for? It is unfortunate that we spend the better part of our lives deliberating on what we can’t get while we develop zero appreciation for those we already have. We are always in complaining mode. That’s unhealthy.

Why you should be grateful?
people are magnets and only attract what they focus on. Since lack of appreciation stems from negative thinking, it will be difficult to attract good things with such a negative mindset. On the other hand, if you are appreciative, it is a reflection of your thought, your mindset. By that law, you will also attract good things in life. So, gratitude may be one of the most important keys to having your desired breakthrough in life. No wonder that some people consider it as “the mother of all virtues. So, you should always start your day with gratitude and you will always get the best from the world.

What need to be done?
Its never to late to start with good things.Expressing gratitude in life is not difficult if you set your mind to it.
• Write a gratitude journal: Look at your experience for the previous 24 hours and select a happy experience. Spend a couple of minutes to write it down. You don’t really need a long experience, no. it could be an innocent smile from a young child or a little assistance from a stranger.
• Write a thank-you note: Improve your relationship with others by taking the time to personally write and sent a thank-you note to them. If possible, deliver the note in person and see the profound impact on the recipient.
• Show mental gratitude: You may be busy, that’s fine. However, if you can’t write a letter due to your busy schedule, mentally show your gratitude to someone you so much appreciate. It will make you feel good.

Why we should Practice Gratitude?
The three elements of life  a distressing life, happiness, and positive attitude is something all want to work on!so we can do lot many things to beat the stress but one thing for sure give you little sense of joy when you start to be thankful for the little things in life, not much but yes it will help you  to overcome may be 1% of the stress which in turn helps you to develop positive attitude and hence Happiness will be there.


So, regardless of the card that life serves you, always find out time to be grateful.

And yes so the most pleasing 9 letter word is GRATITUDE-VALUE IT!