Why Fruits to be eaten during Daytime?



  • Without any doubts, Fruits give tremendous health benefits to our health.Five Thumb Rules to keep in Mind while having fruits pointers while having fruits
    1.Fruits are simple sugars, utilised means they spike our glucose levels very fast. Fruits being a simple glucose, we need to have them at a time when we sure of being utilised by the body.
  • The best time to have fruits is during daytime as they get enough utilised by your body.Have it before a workout or the first thing in the morning.another option is to have them during mid time around 11:00am-12:00 pm.Make sure there should be one hour gap between your meals and fruits.
  • Avoid having Fruits along with the meals.when fruits are eaten alone it can process all the nutrients, fiber very efficiently and if you eat fruits with the meals or right after the large meals it remains held in the stomach with other food and takes the time to digest as well as utilised by your body which sometimes leads to Indigestion, Heartburn, stomach cramps.
  • ┬áLate evening to avoid as our metabolism naturally is very slow and chances of the simple glucose being utilised is less.
  • Always Go for seasonal fruits.


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