Acidity and weight loss – what is the connection?

Are you one of those who try to cut down their meal simply to lose weight? Well, you may want to reconsider this method. Going hungry might lead to acidity which will definitely not help with weight loss.
You are probably wondering how can acidity, where there is excess stomach acid is going to make you obese. Shouldn’t it be actually burning more fat? Well, surprise! Acidity apparently can cause more disruption than assistance.
Before we delve on how acidity can actually hamper your weight loss objectives, let us first understand a little into what acidity is exactly all about.

What is acidity?

Whenever we ingest any kind of food, our stomach anticipates the same and starts secreting acids, more importantly HCL, to help with the digestion. This is a naturally occurring process where the cells over the stomach lining, will help produce this acid for breaking down your food for further nutrient absorption in the intestines. This is the same process irrespective of what you have for your meal.
When these cells produce a lot of acid than required because we eaten wrong food or may be eating after long gap ,our cells has to work more digest it and hence secrete more acid,when this happen surely this is called

How is acidity connected to weight loss?
When there is too much acid in your stomach your body starts secreting more insulin which invariably results in more storage of fat. It is proven that acidiosis can impact the pancreatic cells that are involved in insulin production.

An acidic diet lowers down the PH level and yes low pH levels means mor acididty and there will be insulin sensitivity .

When you eat something that causes acidity, your body will either react in a feast or a famine mode and most of the times it takes the mode of famine. So it starts producing more insulin to hoard up enough calories and this leads to fat storage . This results in you gaining more weight rather than losing.
Also the detox agents in your body will push back the acid into your fats making it more clinging than before to the cells in your body. Without the right level of alkaline, your metabolic processes also suffers a setback, which further results in the reduction of the number of calories burnt.
In order to keep your body healthy and ensure that the metabolism works fine and also to make sure that your insulin levels do not surge higher than normal, you have to keep acidity at bay.
Next time, you see that the pointer in the weighing scale is not dipping anymore, you may have to relook at the diet you consume. You are probably taking an acidic one which is causing the fat to stay attached to your body.


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