The Most pleasing 9 letter word-GRATITUDE

Gratitude picture

In today’s hectic world,We are rarely concerned about others than the thought about what the day’s activities will be. Or work, family, traffic, and other related issues top our priorities as we move from home to work. We are living in a world where being in haste is considered ideal. We are in hurry to acquire more assets. We are in a hurry to get more satisfaction from the world. We are always in haste to get everything done.

Sadly, this has robbed us of the joy of appreciating the little we have. In our quest for more assets, we forget to express our gratitude for what we already have. That’s quite unfortunate.

Then and now
While growing up, I learnt to be grateful for life and other blessings I receive from God. While in school, I hummed this melodious poem on a number of occasions as a proof of my appreciation for life and what it offers:

Thank you for the world so sweet,

Thank you for the food we eat,

Thank you for the birds that sing,

Thank you GOD for everything.”

Now I remember Do I still sing this song as I used to? No. !Absolutely !no!
Do you also do the same?
Why do we now find it challenge to develop the spirit of gratitude for events around me or what I am going through?
Well, I am guilty as charged. What about you? How many times have you shown appreciation recently? Or do you feel there is nothing positive in life to be grateful for? It is unfortunate that we spend the better part of our lives deliberating on what we can’t get while we develop zero appreciation for those we already have. We are always in complaining mode. That’s unhealthy.

Why you should be grateful?
people are magnets and only attract what they focus on. Since lack of appreciation stems from negative thinking, it will be difficult to attract good things with such a negative mindset. On the other hand, if you are appreciative, it is a reflection of your thought, your mindset. By that law, you will also attract good things in life. So, gratitude may be one of the most important keys to having your desired breakthrough in life. No wonder that some people consider it as “the mother of all virtues. So, you should always start your day with gratitude and you will always get the best from the world.

What need to be done?
Its never to late to start with good things.Expressing gratitude in life is not difficult if you set your mind to it.
• Write a gratitude journal: Look at your experience for the previous 24 hours and select a happy experience. Spend a couple of minutes to write it down. You don’t really need a long experience, no. it could be an innocent smile from a young child or a little assistance from a stranger.
• Write a thank-you note: Improve your relationship with others by taking the time to personally write and sent a thank-you note to them. If possible, deliver the note in person and see the profound impact on the recipient.
• Show mental gratitude: You may be busy, that’s fine. However, if you can’t write a letter due to your busy schedule, mentally show your gratitude to someone you so much appreciate. It will make you feel good.

Why we should Practice Gratitude?
The three elements of life  a distressing life, happiness, and positive attitude is something all want to work on!so we can do lot many things to beat the stress but one thing for sure give you little sense of joy when you start to be thankful for the little things in life, not much but yes it will help you  to overcome may be 1% of the stress which in turn helps you to develop positive attitude and hence Happiness will be there.


So, regardless of the card that life serves you, always find out time to be grateful.

And yes so the most pleasing 9 letter word is GRATITUDE-VALUE IT!


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