When we heard the name of palak paneer, it sounds so tasty and at the same time, we think its one of the best source of iron and when combining with paneer you get the calcium as well!Thats the incomplete story! We all grew up with the idea that spinach was the best way to solve an iron deficiency problem, and eating a dish of palak paneer would help increase the level of iron in the blood as spinach is the best source of iron and paneer with a lot of antioxidants and paneer gives us calcium. In India, people love to have their spinach with naan, roti or plain rice. It is so yummy, that even children love its taste. The same cannot be said for its nutrition and these are the reasons why:

• 100gms of spinach contain only 2.7mg of iron,we never eat 100gms of iron per day,so just do little maths calculation you will get to know how much iron we get from eating spinach consider one serving 25-30gms!
• The type of iron you get from spinach is non-heme iron which is quite different from what the body needs as nutrition. Non-heme iron is plant based which is why it is not very much compatible with the human body.
• Spinach is also known  for its high calcium content. Spinach also has something called oxalate in spinach which usually binds with calcium to cause a decrease in its absorption. The body can only
absorb 5% of the calcium in the body.
• Paneer has a lot of calcium which reacts with iron, causing an interference with iron
absorption in the blood.
• By combining the two neither we get proper calcium nor iron ,so palak paneer is not  very good combination to for from nutrition point of view

Conclusionpalak paneer for sure not rich in what we eat for right or what is it said for?so if we are eating it for calcium and iron then its absolutely wrong choice , Eating other recipes in addition to palak paneer helps. Dishes like mutter paneer, lauki paneer, paneer bhurji as well as others can be eaten as well. If you have anemia, and have been told to eat spinach subzi, squeezing some drops of lime juice high in vitamin C increases iron absorption.
Other than that, spinach alone rich in vitamins like A,E,K ,and folic acid when it is fresh, steamed or quickly boiled. It is a good source of vitamins


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