Which oil is better?




When it comes to oil, we always relate it to high cholesterol, weight gain and

classify the oils into good oils and bad oils, and nowadays I am pretty sure

the majority of people considers olive oil, rice bran oil for cooking because they have

amazing benefits on health but does that mean the oil or ghee which we have

been using it since ages is bad for our health!Just give it a thought?

So, let’s come to the oil, the type of oil we should use depends on how we use,

for what purpose we are using it and yes how much we are using. Some oils are

heat stable and some are not. Sometimes, cooking of the oil destroys the richness

of the oil.

Let’s take a look on some of these oils,

1. Ghee

Ghee is best suited for high temperature cooking. For example, frying,

deep frying, shallow frying as ghee has a high smoking point. Ghee is rich in

Vitamin A and E, not only this helps us to boost up the immunity, but athletes can

have Ghee too for quick energy! Ghee when compared to butter, it proves to be a

better option.

2. Rice bran oil-

Yes! Nowadays celebrity oil, it’s made from the outer layer of the rice, which we

called as “BRAN” and that’s why it is called “RICE BRAN” oil. This oil has something

special that other oils don’t have i.e.oryzanoll , which is a good cholesterol, but

make sure to maintain your cholesterol levels. Don’t solely just rely on and oil,

changing lifestyle is the best key, again this oil has a high smoking point and

therefore can be used in cooking with high temperatures.

3. Sunflower oil-

As the name said, the oil extracted from sunflower seeds. It has a good amount of

Vitamin E and commonly used. Although, this oil has a significant amount of

vitamin E but at the same time, studies say we should avoid it because it raises

our blood glucose levels and lipid profile too. It can be used again for deep frying

and for other cooking purpose


It is pressed from flax seeds which is rich in omega 3 and alpha linoleic acid. Its

richness is equal to fish oil, which people nowadays used as a supplement, but it’s

been shown in many studies that the human body doesn’t convert ALA to the

active form. Hence, the absorption rate will be less and yes, it has a low smoking

point and has a lot of polyunsaturated fats. Hence, not advisable for frying and

high temperature cooking.

5.Canola Oil

Canola  oil is derived from rapeseed, which is ideally not fit for human

consumption as it has high amount of uric acid, which been said get removed

during processing. It has a good balance of fatty acids, but then it has lots of

contradictions  regarding the processing of its oil and use of toxic solvents that

made it completely unfit for human consumption.

6.Olive Oil

Olive oil has gained a lot of importance in the food industry because of its super

amazing nutrients. Olive oil is made from the fruits of the olive tree which we

called olives and its processing is extremely simple and requires the least amount

of chemicals. Hence, best for human consumption.

A few points to keep in mind for olive oil:

1. There are many versions of olive oil right from extra virgin to refined olive oil,

go for extra virgin oil which stands for its purity and get extracted in its

natural way, hence more nutrients are retained.

2. The light, refined, lighter olive oil in the market is subject to a lot of chemical

processes and a lot of nutrient loss happens in that stage.

3. Olive oil has slow smoking point and hence, not at all suitable for cooking.

You can use it in salad dressings or just have it raw for its health benefits.

Conclusion-AS you see there  every oil has its potential health benefits ,No oil is bad as such it also depends how we using that oil too .Remember, when we overdo with our oils it leads to high fat, cholesterol etc etc,so instead let’s watch our habits and so the lifestyle because just switching to oil won’t change your cholesterol levels we need to improve our lifestyle too and use oil in moderation so that we can have it for our whole life.Switching to oil periodically is the best way to reap benefits of each oil.



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