Lets train our stomach for not to overeat?


Overeating is one thing that majority of the population is struggling with, Be it healthy food or junk a moderation needs to be maintained with every kind of food.

What happens when you over eat?

Do you know anything that comes extra may be in the form of fat,proteins,carbohydrates,your body turn it into fat be it from healthy food or junk food.So I have seen people who say” I eat only home food” definitely its healthy but does that mean you can eat as much as you want because its healthy,absolutely BIG NO

So instead of falling a trap of Dieting ,lets train our stomach not to overeat!

Our stomach is size of two small palms,it can actually take the same amount of food at one time,so by eating more than required ,we actually stretching our stomach cells to absorb more, so what you need to do first thing

Eat small portions- How would you feel if your boss gave you to complete the two days of work in one day!Just give it a thought?

I am sure we all experience that increase  in workload at office degrade the quality of  work, same way your stomach feels the same when you end up by eating a lot of good or big size portion food at one time.

It’s difficult to eat less at one time, so what need to be done?Here is the answer

Eat Before Hunger strikes you Badly-While it is important to cut down on your portion its important to eat before hunger strikes you badly, by doing so you will be able to eat in moderation. Don’t wait for your lunch, dinner, keep small meals in between to avoid hunger pangs in later stages of the day.

What can be included apart from breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Now that you know it’s important to feed yourself frequently, it’s important to feed yourself right, so apart from your breakfast, lunch and dinner include one meal between your breakfast and lunch it could be lemon water/coconut water/one fruit/buttermilk/green tea.

Secondly never miss on your evening snack,it will help you to eat less for dinner as seen in majority of us end up by eating more in dinner and which is actually a cause of weight gain in many people,so make evening snack healthy in the form of roasted chana/roasted makhana/2 Marie  lite biscuits/ rusk/diet chidhwa .

Before Heading towards the meal

1.start your meal with  deep breaths

2.Have glass of lukewarm water 5 minutes before heading towards the meal

While eating  food

1.chew your food properly.It will really help you to eat overall less and yes, how chewing helps in eating less, here you can read about it-Little More about chewing the Food

2.Use your entire mouth to chew the food, I have seen some people use 1 side of their jaw to chew the food, so make sure to chew the food properly and from the both the sides until or unless you are restricted from doing so.


Conclusion-Develop habit and train your stomach, it won’t come in one day, take your time, pick one thing at one time and start to implement it, and always remember your stomach is just as small as your  size of  palm