“No one can eat just one!”

sugarno one can eat just one
The above tag line is a very popular one when we talk about food, but this is not only true for the chips or Lays. It is also applicable when we talk about the sweets including chocolates, candies, sweets etc. We all just have feeling of getting more n more i.e. “Ye Dil Maange More”.
Why does this happen? Let’s have a discussion on this !
Sugar consists of two molecules viz. glucose and fructose. Glucose is essentially needed by the body for performing all the body functions and gets secreted by the body itself. Now, if we consider fructose, its concept is slightly different. Fructose is not involved in any body metabolism and as glucose is produced by the human body by its own, fructose has nothing like that!
Fructose is the one that is mainly responsible for our over eating with sugar. It affects one of our body hormone named as “Leptin” which suppress our hunger levels and it is secreted by fat cells. When we take the food, a part of it is utilized by the body for performing its body functions while the rest of the part gets accumulated in the form of fat. When the large amount of fat is collected in body, more amount of leptin starts secreting and informs the brain that enough amount of energy is there and we do not have extra food. This is how we stop taking the food and feel satisfied!
Did you ever thought what will happen if our brain doesn’t sense/see the leptin hormone?
“Hahahah, Yes! Just keep on eating, non stop!”
The brain will never get informed about the energy levels of our body and makes us to have more food. We, in that case will eat more, more and more!

If you try exerting any kind of “willpower” on the leptin driven starvation signal it is almost impossible because it is so powerful. Because of this sole reason people are unable to follow the “eat less, move more” agenda in their lives for a happy living.
In order to have lesser amount of food, our brain needs to realise how much fat we have in our body and that can be done by removing the leptin resistance. Anything that has high fructose like sugar or carbs causes the leptine resistance to grow which deletes all our control over unnecessary hunger and it is affected by the fructose which is another constituent of sugar apart from Glucose.
To conclude, I would say sugar itself is the reason for craving more!