Acidity and weight loss – what is the connection?

Are you one of those who try to cut down their meal simply to lose weight? Well, you may want to reconsider this method. Going hungry might lead to acidity which will definitely not help with weight loss.
You are probably wondering how can acidity, where there is excess stomach acid is going to make you obese. Shouldn’t it be actually burning more fat? Well, surprise! Acidity apparently can cause more disruption than assistance.
Before we delve on how acidity can actually hamper your weight loss objectives, let us first understand a little into what acidity is exactly all about.

What is acidity?

Whenever we ingest any kind of food, our stomach anticipates the same and starts secreting acids, more importantly HCL, to help with the digestion. This is a naturally occurring process where the cells over the stomach lining, will help produce this acid for breaking down your food for further nutrient absorption in the intestines. This is the same process irrespective of what you have for your meal.
When these cells produce a lot of acid than required because we eaten wrong food or may be eating after long gap ,our cells has to work more digest it and hence secrete more acid,when this happen surely this is called

How is acidity connected to weight loss?
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Little More about chewing the Food





There are loads of benefits that one can gain by simply chewing their food properly. Chewing is the first step in the digestive process where the food particles are broken down before it moves down your food pipe. And if you don’t do this right because you are preoccupied with TV or some other reason then you are actually inviting more trouble to your health.

The table below is a representation on how normally the digestion happens in our system and what will be the consequences if we do not chew our food properly.



To summarize, when you chew properly, you will absorb more nutrition, you will have a better digestion and you will enjoy your food more. Chewing your food can really do wonders for you. So enjoy your food and let your mind and body benefit from it.


stay tuned to know the benefits of chewing the food  properly in my next blog….Don’t forget to eat slowly:)